"Protection embedded in data will be more than just a good thing - it will be mandatory to sustain any credible level of security into the future." remarks from a Dell Security Panel discussion
"I think collectively, as a community, we're going to need to figure out a better way to identify ourselves, and to get access to things we care about." commented Ed Amoroso, CSO of AT&T - 7 Sep 2011 Interview with Infosecurity Magazine

The Problem

Today's "Security Fabric" is complex and requires an intimate understanding of many network layers, applications and thousands of interconnected devices and endpoints. It leaves security gaps and is cumbersome to maintain.

A dependency on Trusted Insiders puts your most valuable information at risk.

Data, our valuable information, is inert and has no authority or ability to protect itself.

Traditional Hardening of Defenses will not win the Cyber War.

Instead, SertintyONE® embeds many of the Security roles into the Data itself providing additional layers of protection.

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The SmartData system is Self-Governing
SmartData Object
SmartData Object
This is how SmartData works:
A file is created containing the Intelligence Module application that manages these functions.

• A pre-created virtual machine is inserted and used for authentication.
• Users are authenticated with a Prompt/Response paradigm avoiding standard passwords.
• Governance rules, such as time, locations and many others are incorporated.
• If violated, the rules initiate internal defensive responses.
• Any file size or type, works on Windows, OS X & Linux.
• The Intelligence Module manages encryption keys that enforce granular level data access.

SmartData technology allows the data to be a participant in its own protection

Any SmartFile can be safely transported since the protection travels with the file.

Network admins can work with the SmartFiles without access to the payload data.

SmartData technology provides safe exchange of critical information between isolated environments.

The SertintyONE® SmartData system resolves:

Today's Security Fabric and Endpoints are complex

SmartData can protect itself without the traditional complex security fabric.

Cybersecurity protocols are embedded (including the encryption keys), integrated and managed by the Intelligence Module inside the Data itself.

SmartData is network agnostic and operating system independent across OSX, Windows, and Linux.

A dependency on Trusted Insiders

The SmartData architecture employs a recursive nature of the trust cycle, protection and anomaly prevention.

A SmartData file or object can evaluate where the data currently resides, who is trying to open it and report the attempt based on the policies embedded by the Data Owner.

Inert data has no Authority, ability to participate or protect itself.

SmartData technology enables the data file to be a participant in its own protection.

Because SmartData can protect itself without the traditional security fabric, the processes are more efficient.

SmartData can dynamically learn from events and then processes are enhanced to enable communications and exchange associated with the internet of things and machine-to-machine communications.

SertintyONE® stands for "Certainty of Legitimacy"