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The SertintyONE® Developer Toolkit

SertintyONE® Developer Toolkit is a low-level library that contains a powerful set of C/C++ APIs, with custom language bindings possible. It allows the robust and vast functionality of SertintyONE SmartData to be embedded within custom software such as workflows, machine to machine data processing, messaging, packeting, or any application that requires policy enforcement at the data layer, known senders and receivers, or total privacy. Systems integrators, independent software vendors, enterprise IT developers, and others can leverage the core capabilities of SertintyONE Developer Toolkit to develop low-cost, robust, and supported solutions.

The flexibility of the SertintyONE Developer Toolkit allows developers to tightly embed self-protecting SmartData functionality within client, server, mobile, or cloud solutions. The library also provides a consistent, reliable, accurate, and supported implementation of the latest SertintyONE specification. The Developer Toolkit allow developers to focus on delivering business applications without acquiring a deep understanding of the SertintyONE specification.

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